Have Fonts Will Travel

Keynote is a fabulous scrapbooking and storytelling platform and Keynote on my iPad means I can be creative wherever I am. There’s just one tiny little problem. I love fonts and iOS only has a few fonts – or so I thought. Then I discovered the AnyFont app [iOS – $1.99]. This app makes it possible to install additional fonts on your iOS devices.

AnyFont on iPhone
AnyFont on iPhone

You still have some limitations – primarily the amount of space available on your iPad – but with a little effort there are ways to deal with that too. My first step was to develop a set of presentation fonts that includes the fonts I use regularly for titles, headings, type and captions. Those fonts have been installed on my iPad using AnyFonts and are always available. I also keep a collection of useful fonts in my Dropbox account so they can be downloaded and installed from just about anywhere. Then, I’ll uninstall them when I’m finished.

I took some lessons from the digital scrapbook designers and created frequently-used words as graphics using whatever font I want. These graphics are stashed in a Photos iCloud album and can be easily grabbed from just about anywhere.

AnyFont will also work in Pages, Numbers and the Microsoft Office apps. Be aware that the iCloud versions of Keynote, Pages and Numbers still only use the basic font set.

AnyFont has an in-app purchase (99¢) for a collection of bundled fonts you can add/remove at any time. These appear to be Google’s impressive Web Fonts collection which are available for free. However, it’s probably worth the 99¢ to have them available within the app rather than doing it yourself manually.

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