Tidy Up Your WordPress Blog With WP-Sweep

If you’ve been blogging for a while with a self-hosted WordPress site, chances are good you’ve changed themes once or twice, experimented with a few plugins and done more than a few revisions. These actions often generate a lot of digital trash which is hiding in the corners and behind the “real” stuff. This can cause performance issues as WordPress tries to work around all the clutter.

What you need is WP-Sweep, a very nice housekeeping plugin that will clean out all this junk quickly and efficiently. What does WP-Sweep clean? Here’s a list:

  • Revisions
  • Auto drafts
  • Deleted comments
  • Unapproved comments
  • Spammed comments
  • Deleted comments
  • Orphaned post meta
  • Orphaned comment meta
  • Orphaned user meta
  • Orphan term relationships
  • Unused terms
  • Duplicated post meta
  • Duplicated comment meta
  • Duplicated user meta
  • Transient options
  • Optimizes database tables
  • oEmbed caches in post meta

Once all that’s done, you can have it optimize the tables in you WP database to insure the best performance.


Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will find the Sweep control panel in the Tools section. Here’s the top portion of the control panel. Notice the warning to backup your data before performing a sweep. Once that’s done, work your way down the list of sweep options. As you can see in this example, 17% of my WP data consists of duplicated post metadata. After I click the Sweep button, the plugin will remove all those duplicates. At the bottom of the control panel is the option to optimize the database.

After sweeping y0ur blog, you will notice a significant improvement in your site’s performance. You might also set a reminder to check the Sweep control panel monthly to see how much trash has collected and do a quick sweep to keep your blog’s performance at its best.

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