MacFamilyTree – Awesome Updates

If you’re like me, you probably have family trees in Ancestry, FamilySearch and other platforms (MyHeritage for me). Each have been helpful in finding useful records, but it can be a challenge to organize all this genealogy goodness in one central location. That changed when I moved to MacFamilyTree. The FamilySearch connection makes it easy to synchronize ancestors between my database and my FamilySearch tree. I can also search other archives where I have accounts from inside the app. Very nice!

MacFamilyTree Search
Searching in MyHeritage from inside MacFamilyTree

Here you see a MyHeritage search from inside MacFamilyTree. Just above the MyHeritage display you can see the search parameters and search site choice I used in this search. After clicking Find, this MyHeritage screen appeared, allowing me to scroll through the results and even open the record related to my grandfather. I do have to manually add the information I discover into my grandfather’s datasheet and I could not download the record images from here, but the “copy to clipboard” button in the source panel on the MyHeritage page did work. Very nice!

MobileFamilyTree screen
MobileFamilyTree interactive tree showing FamilySearch connections.

This example is a view of the same database viewed in MobileFamilyTree on my iPad. Notice the FamilySearch icons spread around the tree. The black icon identifies people who are “connected” to my FamilySearch tree. I’m still a bit confused about the small red icons. Do they mean more information about this person? The blue and pink FamilySearch icons in my tree means there are possible new matches on FamilySearch. The problem is that I may already have that person in my database, but with some different information. Often it is just that some of my information doesn’t match exactly – like I have entered USA instead of United States. Still, it’s a lot better than constantly moving back and forth from one app to another.

Their new CloudTree cloud sync service is very nice. I like that I can automatically sync with my other devices yet still have all my data accessible locally when I’m offline. I don’t know that I’ll put the collaborative elements to use unless my research cousins decide to move to Macs.

MacFamilyTree gives me plenty of screen space and makes it easy to grab information across multiple sources. With MobileFamilyTree (the iOS version) and Evernote, I can pretty much take all my research with me wherever I go. Now that’s what I call genealogy goodness!

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