Creative Photo Stories

Yesterday I stumbled onto two delightfully creative iOS photo apps from an Australian company called The Lens Lab. Between the two of them you can turn journaling into an eye-catching experience.

The first one is called Collect ($1.99) and is described as a Photo Journal. It is better described as journaling with style. With Collect you can include text with your image in many creative ways.

screenshot of a captioned photoHere you see a “framed” photo which includes space for descriptive text. Collect can automatically pull out metadata (the date in this case) from the image file. Titles, text and tags can be added to your photo. You control fonts, size and alignment.

There are a number of card formats – each designed to make them easily printable on either 3×4 or 4×6 photo paper.

This isn’t just about today’s photos either. You can import any of your photos – including old family photos you have scanned. It’s even possible to use the Scannable app to scan a photo directly into Collect.

Of course there are in-app purchases adding even more features. There is the Creative Pack ($1.99), Videos Pack ($2.99) and Keep Safe Pack ($2.99). Get them all for $3.99 with the Bundle. They give you the ability to create collages and video slideshows, sync with iCloud and export to Dropbox or Flickr.

Next is the Supermatic app – also $1.99 with only one in-app purchase for the Premium Pack ($1.99). This app will work on both iPhones and iPads – Collect is only for iPhone at this time. This video demonstrates Supermatic’s awesomeness better than I can.

I’m still in the experimenting stage, but I already see using Supermatic to build the journaling card then sending it to Collect for processing into a collage or video slideshow.

I think I’ve found the scrapbooking sweet spot I’ve been looking for – more style and less cutesy. Forget today’s chores, there are family picture stories to create!

This article is reposted with permission from Moultrie Creek Gazette

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