Getting Their Attention

Curb AppealIt dawned on me some time ago that since my printer could print 4×6 photos, I could also use it to print on 4×6 unlined index cards. At first I used it to create cards to handout when I spoke at area societies, but then I realized they could also be used to grab my family’s attention and pass on a bit of family history.

Think baseball cards.

The photo in the front grabs the fan’s attention but the meat is on the back side with details on the player’s stats and career history.

Take one of your ancestor’s photos and print it on one side of your index card then use the back of the card to provide stats (the vital kind) and maybe a brief bio. You can use your word processor to enter the text data – you just have to define the page size and margins down to the size of your card stock.

If you don’t have pictures of an ancestor, consider a graphic that relates to something about his/her life. This boat graphic could be used for a card on one of my seafaring ancestors. Don’t worry too much about the condition of an old photo. When the only photo you have isn’t in the best condition, there are some amazing apps to turn it into a beautiful piece of art.

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