Follow-up – Day One Book Printing

I have now created and received two books published from Day One journal entries. The first book was a “sketchbook” of photographs I had taken and edited using some photoart apps. There was no text other than the date/time/location information automatically added by Day One. It’s a delightful little book with one image per page. The image quality is quite good. My only complaint is that I didn’t include any text with the images so there’s a lot of white space. That’s my problem, not the printer.

My second book is a book of family stories – with lots of pictures. Some of the stories were originally written on my Moultrie Journal blog and copied to Day One while others were written directly on Day One.

Here is an example from the Family Stories book. Each story represents a Day One entry. Stories are automatically presented in date order. With the latest version of Day One, I can now maintain multiple journals. This book was created from my Family Stories journal.

Sample book

Book content can also be collected by using tags or date ranges. There are all kinds of options. You do not have control of the page-by-page layout so you should expect to find a lot of white space on your pages.

Book coverThis is the cover to the book. The cover art is printed directly on the front cover with the spine and back done in a color of your choice. On the back you can select four photos/images to be displayed along with the book’s “stats” – the number of entries, days, photos, words, cities and journals contained in your book.

If you want complete control of the layout and design of your printed book, Day One Books isn’t for you. There is no bookstore – not now anyway – where you can send family to buy their own copy. What Day One does is create an easy, attractive and affordable book printing service where you can build and buy printed copies of your family stories to keep yourself and share with others.

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