Managing Fonts on Your iPad

Any good storyteller knows that fonts can be as much a design element as photos and graphics. Unfortunately, your iPad comes with a limited number of fonts. Don’t worry. Many of the design apps include fonts and there are apps that will allow you to install your favorite fonts on you iPad/iPhone for use with just about any app.

I’ve had great success using the free AnyFont app. With AnyFont you can install your favorite fonts and even unlock a bundle of 1,000 fonts as an in-app purchase for 99 cents.

Installing fonts is easy.
Installing fonts is easy.

Here you see an example of AnyFonts at work. In the background you see a list of fonts available within the app. Tap any font to display this install panel. Tap Preview to see how that font looks. If it looks good, just tap the font icon to install. That’s it!

You can also install your own fonts. Copy them to a folder in iCloud or Dropbox then follow the directions in AnyFonts’ tutorials to install them.

Once installed on your iPad, your fonts will be available to you in Pages, Numbers and Keynote as well as the Microsoft Office apps. One thing to watch – especially if you are a font hound like me – is the space your installed fonts are using on your device. Check Settings > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and scroll down to see how much storage AnyFont is using. I have more than 100 fonts installed on my iPad using 140MB of space. To compare, I have four books in my Kindle app and it’s using 401MB of space.

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