Telling Stories in Twile

I have found Twile is a delightful way to present my family history – and one my family will enjoy. While it automatically builds a timeline from your imported GEDCOM file, there are many things you can add to tell the stories your family tree data can’t.

Mexico City Wedding

In this example, you see the wedding of Marjorie Barker and Joe Killebrew. Several photos have been added to this event and several historical events surround it. The date and Joe’s uniform would tell you this was a wartime wedding, but there’s nothing here to explain why the got married in Mexico City.

When you click on any event in the timeline, it will display a panel for that event. Here’s what the wedding’s panel looks like.


A number of details are automatically included in the panel, but you can add even more. Notice the “Add something” box in the upper right corner of the panel. Use it to add photos, story text and even documents to the panel. The “Extra information” item on the left lets you add other information about the event. Because this is a wedding event, Twile includes options to identify the location of the reception along with information on the people making up the wedding party. In most cases, this information would be nice to have. This one was obviously different.

While the timeline does a fabulous job of placing our ancestors in history, these event panels help bring their world to life. And, while my family shows little interest in viewing my family tree software, they do find a look at the family’s place in history quite fascinating. I’m working to build out more panels before inviting them to take a look. With luck they will find a timeline view of our family history as fascinating as I do.

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