Get Creative With Twile

Twile is an amazing platform. Not only does it show your family’s place in history, it’s also an impressive scrapbook. In this example, you are looking at the milestone panel for Bill and Adrienne’s wedding. Each milestone on the timeline opens up to a panel such as this one where you can add photos, documents and even your own notes. It’s the photo and document elements that can be exploited to “kick it up a notch”.

A wedding event in the family timeline

Since this was a wartime wedding, it probably wasn’t a big wedding. If there were any pictures, who knows where they are now. Fortunately, there were newspaper announcements of both the engagement and the wedding. The photo of the bride seen above is also from a newspaper clipping only it was from another wedding where she was one of the bridesmaids.

You’ll notice the “Add something” box in the upper right corner of the milestone panel has buttons to add words (your own text), photos and documents. The “documents” only accepts image files – no PDF or wordprocessing files. The document image is cropped on the milestone panel but a visitor can click on it to view the entire image.  In this instance I cropped each announcement and saved them as images. When added to the panel, the entire announcement appears on the panel and is actually quite readable. Unfortunately the only photo I have of the bride is from a newspaper clipping so it’s a bit grainy.

Since I cropped the newspaper clippings, I added a note to include the newspaper and dates for each clipping.

Twile Timeline showing the wedding milestone.

Take advantage of the photos and words elements to add all kinds of ephemera to your family’s timeline. Postcards, notes, letters and other ephemera are the elements that will grab your family’s attention. Somewhere I have the Forecastle Card and a postcard of the USNS Tallulah – the ship that delivered all that water to Guantanamo many years ago. It would be a great addition to the Last Cruise story. LastCruise.png

One of the really nice things about Twile is that your timeline is a never-ending project. You can always come back to an event to add information, photos and ephemera as you find them. Don’t be afraid to get creative either. Most everyone loves a scrapbook and Twile gives you a beautiful platform to build something that will capture and hold your family’s attention. Who knows, you may just inspire some future genealogists!

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