Improve Your News-reading Productivity with Feedly

For those of you who are unfamiliar with newsreaders, they are an efficient way to keep up with the latest genealogical news, tips and events – all in one place. Not only do they collect and deliver the latest articles from the sources you follow, but they do it without burying you under tons of unwanted advertisements. (See Research Delivered: An Introduction to Newsreaders)

Today, one of the most popular newsreader platforms is Feedly. It can be accessed through your browser or on your favorite mobile device using a free app. The free version of Feedly serves most researcher quite well and there is also a premium edition for those who need it.

Recently Feedly added several new source management features that existing users will find quite useful. These features include:

  • Organize Sources makes keeping your collection of sources organized and up-to-date. Access this screen by clicking the gear icon in the pop-out sidebar. Click the Activity box for options to help you find and remove sources that are no longer active or aren’t being updated regularly.

  • Reorganize Batches feature allows you to quickly regroup your sources by topic. Use the All Your Feeds box to select a topic and view the sources included in it. Select the ones you want to move then click the Reorganize button at the top of the list then select which topic you want place them.
  • Import or Export OPML files has also been improved to make it easier to share some or all of your sources with others.

Note that these tools do not appear in either the iPad or iPhone apps but do appear when viewing Feedly in a web browser. To learn more, check out The New Organize Experience at the Feedly Blog.

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