Timelines Get Social

Famicity timeline

Twile isn’t the only timeline platform. Famicity comes to us from France and is also a beautiful and private way to share your family’s history. While Twile is focused on placing your ancestors in an historical timeline, Famicity is part timeline, part scrapbook, part photo album and part social network. It’s just as focused on today’s family as it is your ancestors.

Famicity serves as a private network for families where you can share photos, videos and stories. Of course there is a commenting component so everyone can add their two cents worth. The privacy element means you can share things like vacations, birthdays and childrens’ names without worrying that predators or thieves will take advantage of that information.

Each person gets their own timeline. Within that timeline, you can add photos, videos, stories and other ephemera. Your timeline is also a social network controlled by you. You choose who you wish to invite. As you can see in this example, your members can like and comment on each of the milestones. There is also an element called Caps. This is the equivalent of a tag. When a story or photo relates to multiple people, you tag the milestone with each of their names and this milestone will appear in their timelines too.

Yes, there is also a family tree component and you can use a GEDCOM from your database or from online trees. There is also a very nice mobile app for both iOS and Android devices (tablets and phones). Both the apps and the service cost you nothing. Learn more at https://www.famicity.com/en/sign-up.

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