Capture Holiday Stories By Phone

voicerecorderWhenever we have a family get-together there are always some great stories told. Quite often these are stories about some of the characters – dead and alive – in our family. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to capture those stories to pass on to future generations? You’ll be surprised how easy – and affordable – that can be.

Mobile devices – especially phones – are everywhere. Because of that, they don’t attract much attention. As a result, they make a great recording tool. There are a number of voice recording apps available for both iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets). Many are free and easy to use. I’m looking at Tap Media’s Voice Recorder app for iOS (iPhone and iPad). It’s free but there is a one-time in-app purchase of $2.99 which adds the ability to transcribe your recordings. The only limit to the length of your recordings is the amount of available space on your device.

This app is designed for recording lectures and meetings so it should work well in a social setting. All it takes is a few taps to start recording, making it a great way to capture some spontaneous stories. It also has some basic editing capabilities which works fine for me since I’ll never be a serious audio editor. Each recording is saved as an audio file and can be uploaded to your cloud drive of choice. You can also share a recording via email or text message and with your favorite social network.

I don’t see myself sharing a recording – especially to a social network – without permission from the person doing the talking. I’m more interested in capturing the little tidbits that make an ancestor more than just a collection of vital records. A family gathering isn’t the place for a formal interview, but a casual question can often generate an interesting bit of information. With the phone nearby, it will be an easy capture.

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