Create Eye-Catching Graphics With Keynote

My family history research has discovered some amazing stories, but it takes more that good writing to get most of my family’s attention. I have learned that a great photo can be an eye-catcher if the viewer knows who is in the picture. Few in my family would recognize the people in this photo, but a bit of graphic design turned a beautiful photograph into the bait that makes them want to learn “the rest of the story”.

This graphic was created on my iPad using the Keynote presentation app. Keynote is also a great scrapbooking/graphic design app and works wonders for creating graphics like these. The background of my graphic was a scan of an aged piece of paper I found in my grandmother’s things. The map of “old” Savannah came from an old Savannah history book found at the Internet Archive. I took a screenshot of the map page in the book and saved it to the Photos app. I then used Photos photo-editing tools to crop the map to the area I wanted. Once I had edited the map graphic, I copy/pasted it on top of the background on the slide. The graphic element under the bottom left corner of the photo came from a book of old graphics and illustrations. The fonts were the only things that cost me money. (I’m a font fanatic and look for any excuse to add to my collection.)

One I had all the components added, arranged and ready to go, I exported my one slide presentation to a JPG format. If my presentation has multiple slides, this export feature will export each slide as a jpg photo file.

The resulting graphic is now ready to become an eye-catching intro to the actual story. Yes, it’s that easy!

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