Historical Record Collections

This week’s research resource is the Historical Record Collection at FamilySearch. This collection makes it possible for us to focus on a particular type of record at a particular time and place.


In this example, I’m looking for death records in Chattooga County, Georgia. There are several options and I’ve chosen the Georgia Deaths, 1914-1927 to start. The camera icon to the left of a listing means there are images for this collection. The camera with a box behind it means there are images but they aren’t on FamilySearch. Most of these collections are indexed and can be searched, but those that include “Browse Images” in the records column will require you to move through them on your own.


When you select an indexed record collection, FamilySearch will display a screen similar to this one where you can search within the collection. It also include a description of the collection at the top of the screen and a source citation at the bottom.

Like the rest of the collections at FamilySearch, the Historic Records Collections is freely-accessible to all users. If you don’t have a user account at FamilySearch, you are missing out on a tremendous worldwide collection of records and a fabulous research support system too.

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