Take A Look At RootsFinder

To say that RootsFinder is an online family tree doesn’t begin to describe this impressive platform. It’s part family tree, part search engine, and part scrapbook. But that’s just the beginning. Not only is it a serious research tool, it also is a beautifully designed platform where you can add photos and stories and share your family discoveries on social networks.

As you can see in the video, the RootsFinder screen is an elegantly simple design, but don’t let that fool you. RootsFinder offers a broad range of features including FamilySearch integration, leads from partner sites and an impressive web clipper (currently only a Chrome extension – Firefox extension on the way). RootsFinder02.png

In addition to standard tree and profile views, there is a dashboard screen that shows any recent additions to your tree. This includes record data, photos and scanned records or documents. The People screen is a sort of table of contents for the people in your tree. You can search for a particular person and even add a new one. The Media screen catalogs the photos and scanned images you add to your tree.

The Hints, ToDos, Research Logs and Reports features demonstrate how seriously the developers are about research. RootsFinder has both a serious side and a social side. You control your tree and you determine what you are willing to share and with whom.

It will take a while to learn how to take advantage of the many features RootsFinder offers. Fortunately, there are a number of informative presentations in the RootsFinder page on YouTube.

RootsFinder offers both free and pro plans. The pro plan costs $34.95/year and includes no advertising, a private tree option and 10GB of media storage.

3 thoughts on “Take A Look At RootsFinder

    1. I’ve been a big fan since WeRelate. I just realized you are also the force behind the Gophers. Those gophers have done wonders for my research! I’m not a Google fan so I’m glad to hear a Firefox web clipper for RootsFinder is on the way. Can’t make it to RootsTech but am involved with the North Florida Genealogy Conference on March 10th so if you have any promo material, we’d be happy to share it with the attendees.


      1. Firefox will be ready either right before RootsTech (hopefully) or right after. We sent flyers to the North Florida Genealogy Conference. I hope they make it in time! Thank you for helping us out.


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