Find It on the Internet Archive

I am trying to learn more about my ancestors’ involvement in Ewing College. My first stop was at the Internet Archive and I hit gold! Turns out my great-great grandfather’s brother was one of the founders of the school.

A search for “Ewing College” delivered a gold mine. There were several editions of the Bulletin of Ewing College and the Catalogue of Officers and Students. Best of all, there was a copy of The History of Ewing College.
Excerpt from Ewing College History

In addition to describing Robert Link’s efforts for the college, there is also a significant amount of genealogical information in this profile. The photograph was icing on the cake. Robert’s nephew and my great grandfather, Samuel Albert Link, would later attend Ewing College. He also made education his career.

Internet Archive’s collection of documents, publications and other historical information continues to grow. Their search engine is quite impressive and, once you find a publication, you can easily search within its contents. Most of these publications are public domain and can be downloaded in the format of your choice.

There is no cost to use the Internet Archive, but it wouldn’t hurt to hit the DONATE button every once in a while.

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