Meet MeWe – A Social Network That Believes in Privacy

Are you tired of having your personal life captured and sold to the highest bidder? The Facebook scandal was an eye-opener to many of us – and they were just the one who got caught. Most of the networks offering us all kinds of goodies for free are using the information we post for advertising, political campaigns and who know what else. It’s time to look for better options.

One option is MeWe. This network believes in privacy and that you own your content. Their privacy policy states, “We don’t track you personally and we never sell your personal data.” And that’s just the beginning. You won’t find any ads on MeWe either. Sound too good to be true? Wait . . . There’s more!

You can use MeWe for free which includes an impressive collection of standard features. There are in-app purchases for additional features like extra storage (you get 8GB free), Secret (encrypted) Chat, custom emojis and more. So what can you do on MeWe? You can post photos, videos and documents and even include voice messages. You can also use the voice integration system to respond to a post or chat with someone. MeWe uses tags to organize the content you receive and share. These tags can be used to find any of your stuff at any time. Not only is your content yours, but you can download all your content anytime you want.

MeWe also supports groups. You can set up a group for just your family, your friends or for a specific topic (like genealogy maybe?). When a post is shared to a group, only the members of that group will see it.

The user’s home screen – shown here – is well organized with minimal clutter. The icons on the top left make it easy to move around the site. Beginning at the left, the icons will take you to your Home screen, Chats, Groups, Events and MyCloud. Groups have been chat enabled so you can easily chat with other members of the group. In addition to group chats there are also group discussions. A group discussion usually includes a title and topic for the conversation to keep everyone on the same subject.

The My Cloud section is quite impressive. It displays posts, photos, videos and voice messages. You have the option to view all the posts and files from a particular group or from everyone in your contacts list.

You can access MeWe on your desktop computer through your web browser. It also supports both iPhone and Android phones and tablets. If you would like to learn more, visit You will be pleasantly surprised.

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