Evernote Tip – Grabbing Records

When you find a useful record in one of the online databases that includes an image of the original record, what is your process for grabbing that record and adding it to your Evernote research notebook? Do you download the image then upload it to Evernote?

If you are using a Mac or iOS device you have options that can save you time and effort.

First . . . on a Mac when you click the Save button and select the option to save it to your computer, your Mac will present an option panel like the one shown here. Instead of using the Save File option, select the Open with Preview choice then click OK.


Once the image is opened in Preview, tap the Share icon and choose the Evernote option.


Using Preview has other advantages too. If the image needs some editing, you can use Preview’s image editing tools to crop, adjust color and resize the image before sending it on to Evernote.

Things get even more interesting on an iPad. Here you see a record detail sheet. The green box to the right of the record’s title lets you know there is a record image available. Tap the green box and you will see the actual record.

Now tap the share icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and choose the Evernote option to save it.

Evernote’s detail panel appears so you can choose the notebook, add tags and adjust the title for this record. When ready, tap Save in the upper right corner and off it goes to your Facebook notebook.

Just another way Evernote makes your research easier . . .

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