Lifecards Storytelling


It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to turn photos into photo stories. The Lifecards app (iOS – $1.99) makes it easy to create postcards, email newsletters, story cards and much more. This is a great platform to display your family’s history in small, eye-catching bites.

In the example above there are three elements – a photo, a bit of photo art and a bit of text. The photo art was created using the Brushstroke app (iOS – free) and what was originally a rather faded photo. The photo on the left shows us all admiring the trophy catch and the text describes the story behind the photo as well as setting time and place. It doesn’t take many words to describe the event, but the text, photo and photo art stirs up fond memories of a long ago time.


Here you see that story being created with Lifecards. There are plenty of templates to help you build your cards along with tools to adjust the images within the template, add text and even “handwritten” notes. Once finished, you have a number of options for sharing your creation. It can be saved to Photos, emailed, posted to Facebook, Twitter or MeWe, printed and even sent as a postcard via The only cost to you is $2.49 to print and send it to its destination.


Here is another sample – a beautiful portrait and very short story about an ancestor. This “postcard” was emailed to siblings and cousins so they could enjoy meeting Francis as much as I did.

Lifecards isn’t restricted to just postcard size. There are templates to create email newsletters – with photos – and even a newspaper-style template when you have a family history scoop to share. With Lifecards you can easily share the stories, photos and ephemera that your research discovers as eye-catching cards that will make them want to learn more.

Who knows . . . it could even generate some new genealogists in the family.

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