MeWe – A Social Networking Delight

If you don’t want your social network selling your personal information to election campaigns and outside advertisers, you will find MeWe a refreshing change. It has the features you’ll find elsewhere – timelines, groups, chats, photo albums and events. What it doesn’t have is advertising, tracking or spying. With MeWe, you own your content and you control the level of privacy you want for it.

A user home screen on MeWe

The various elements within MeWe – profile screens, groups and chats – are not cluttered with advertising. The example above is my Home screen. My timeline is in the middle with my photostream on the right and chats on the left. A simple toolbar at the top of the screen along with a search box completes the view.

MeWe screen
MeWe on the iPad

There are mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. As you can see here, the view is even less cluttered on my iPad. This is the Home/timeline view. Tap the icons at the bottom of the screen to move to the other areas in the network. Notice the icons below each entry here. You can use them to respond to that entry with an emoji, comment or both. The last icon makes it possible to share this entry to a group, an event or a private message within MeWe.

When leaving a comment, you can include photos, GIFs, doodles and even files. Tap the microphone icon in the comment section and you can record a voice comment. Comments and replies often become conversations. With MeWe those conversations can be text, audio and even video. Note that the a/v options are best when using MeWe on a mobile phone. MeWe can be used on both Android and iOS mobile devices as well as desktop browsers.

MeWe group page
A MeWe Group page

MeWe groups are quite impressive. In addition to the features found in the timeline, groups have some additional features that make it possible to build a resource center for your group. By including tags in posts and taking advantage of the search feature to find all posts assigned a specific tag, group members have easy access to the content they need.

The group file library

Not only can you build a research library for the group, you can also organize them for easy access thanks to folders and the files search box. Using these features, groups become more than just a place to post questions.

MeWe costs you nothing to use. There is an emoji store where you can purchase additional features like extra storage. All users get 8GB of storage free, but you can up that to 50GB for $4.99/month. They also offer Secret Chat (similar to WhatsApp) for $.99/mo and Custom emoji packets at $.99 each. There are several prime features in the works so stay tuned.

MeWe is what social networking should be – simple and private. It’s full of useful features but built in such a way that it won’t take more than a few minutes to feel right at home. See for yourself at

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