MeWe Update

MeWe screenshot
My MeWe home page viewed in my web browser

The MeWe social network is a delight. You can connect with family and friends without being bombarded with advertising or worrying that anything you say or do is being sold to the highest bidder. MeWe supports groups, messaging, one-on-one chats and even group chats. Add the MeWe app to your mobile phone and you can enjoy voice and video calls with family and friends who are also on MeWe.

As it is, MeWe is quite impressive, but it’s about to get even better. In the next few weeks we will see even more MeWe goodness. Here’s a quick look at what’s to come . . .

The most requested feature is at the top of the list – MeWe Pages. Create a page for your business or personal use. Using Pages you can post “open posts” which are visible to all MeWe users and can be shared to others.

Right now the posts you add to your MeWe timeline are only visible to your contacts. The new open posts feature will give you the ability to make a post visible to all MeWe members or limit it to just selected people. Once this goes live, when you create a post you decide who can see it.

Right now you can embed a video in a post but soon you will be able to post them in comments, replies and other areas. This could get real interesting.

It won’t be long before these new features start rolling out and I’m sure they will all be a hit – just like everything else MeWe does. If you aren’t already a MeWe member, now would be a good time to get started.

I can’t wait to build the Moultrie Creek page on MeWe.

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