Make the Move to MeWe


MeWe is a relatively new social network and the first one built with privacy by design for its members. The MeWe network has no advertising and no tracking. It is free for members with features that includes text, voice and video messaging and even encrypted chats. MeWe supports both private and open groups. While the network basics are open to all members at no cost, there are optional features that do require payment. For example, all members have 8GB of storage for photos, videos and files at no charge. If you want more space, you can add it for a small monthly fee. Other “premium” features include encrypted chat and an emoji store.

You can access MeWe in your web browser at The view above shows the home page for a MeWe member. From the home page, you can participate in online chats, groups and events. There is also a page called MyCloud displaying all the photos, videos, files and posts you share in your account. Not only can you post photos, you can create albums to keep them organized.

MeWe supports mobile devices too. Check your app store for the free MeWe apps – for both phones and tablets. If you connect your address book to MeWe, the app will tell you if any of your contacts are also MeWe members, making it easier to find family and friends. Within an hour of installing the app on my iPhone and connecting my address book, my cousin – and fellow genealogist – sent me a contact request. Within seconds of accepting her request, she was calling me for a video chat via MeWe.


It’s not just timelines and chats either. MeWe supports groups and events too. Groups can be Private, Selective or Open. As you see here, the Storytellers Studio group has been moved from Facebook to MeWe.

Notice the group chat box to the lower right of the screenshot. While you can chat from just about anywhere in MeWe, the Group Chat is set up just for members of the group. Using Group Chat, you can schedule chats on specific topics and even invite speakers to join the chat. Photos and files can be posted in a chat  . . . (Do I see the possibility of a presentation here?) . . . and it also supports voice chats . . . (Even better!)

MeWe is just the thing the genealogy community needs – a protected place for networking, sharing resources, discussions and more. Take a look at WeMe ( and see if you don’t find it delightful alternative to Facebook.

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