Kindex for Societies

Kindex Archive
A sample Kindex archive

Kindex, the online personal archive for family historians, can also give a genealogical society an affordable platform to support their membership.

Why Kindex? A Kindex archive gives your society an affordable (as in $5.00/month) platform to post family records, scanned photos and memorabilia. The image of the original record is visible and the transcribed information makes each record searchable. By posting records to Kindex, members are also creating duplicates located in off-site storage. Should anything happen to the originals, the digital duplicates will survive.

How can a society use Kindex to support their membership? One way is to provide support to members who want to create their own Kindex archive. The society can help them get set up and show them how to manage their records. While the archive is owned and controlled by the member, they can also allow collaborative access to other society members.

Another option has the society owning a Kindex archive and making it available to their members. The society builds and maintains the archive, giving each member a “family collection” section for their records. This could also be included as one of the benefits of society membership. The society also benefits as these collections increase access beyond the member’s individual collection.

The society could choose to create an archive for record donors. The society maintains the archive while giving members access to those records. Society control helps to maintain consistent transcription and indexing within the archive. It also provides all society members with access to those donated collections.

Kindex offers three levels of access. The free Kindexer account makes it possible for the user to search, browse or transcribe records in the society’s public archives. They can also collaborate on a private archive if they have received access from the archive owner. The Kindex Cloud level costs $5.00/month and gives the user a public archive along with collaboration and indexing tools. Even better, if the user indexes 20 or more records during the billing month, he/she will receive a $5.00 credit for the next billing month. The last level is the Kindex Closet. It allows the user to create a private archive. The user controls who can access the archive by inviting other users to browse, search, submit and index records. The Closet level costs $10.00/month and also offers the $5.00 credit when 20 records are indexed during the billing month.

Kindex is both affordable and easy to use. It gives societies – big and small – a way to capture, protect and preserve family history records and ephemera for future generations. To learn more, stop by the Kindex site and see for yourself.

One thought on “Kindex for Societies

  1. Transcribing records in their entirety is the future, whether the industry realises it or not. We take it for granted that the online providers only transcribe enough to satisfy a genealogical search operation, which — by itself — supports the widely-held misconception that some record gives a direct and unequivocal answer to a user’s question.


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