Why are you still on Facebook?

I moved to MeWe earlier this year and have found it delightful. It has all the whistles and bells you could possibly want but one thing you won’t find is advertising. I found the chat feature quite impressive supporting text, voice and video chats.


MeWe supports pages and groups too. Not only can you post content, you can also add #tags to your posts and MeWe will build a “tag index” so visitors can find the topics they want quickly and easily. There are tools for managing members, organizing events and even hosting group chats. MeWe’s group features give small genealogical societies an affordable option to create virtual special interest groups for their members.

While most of MeWe’s features are free, there are some features that will cost you. You’ll find the link to the MeWe Store at the top of the screen. There you can purchase a number of emoji sets for a whopping 99¢ each. If you want to build a page to promote your business, society or blog, that will also cost you. Each user gets 8GB of file storage. If you need more, you can get it at a very reasonable cost.

Take a look for yourself. I think you will find MeWe a delightful and safe place to hang out with friends and family. Get started at https://mewe.com/.

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