Google+ Shutting Down

Google has announced it is shutting down Google+ personal accounts on April 2nd. At that time, Google will be deleting customer accounts and their pages. You can download and save your content – including photos – as long as you do it before April 2nd.

Where do you go from there? Check out This is a social network with soul. It supports timelines, pages, groups and chats (text, voice & video) – all the things you want in a social network – and does it without tracking your every move. MeWe takes privacy very seriously. There are no bots tracking you and your content isn’t being sold to who knows who.StorytellersGroup.png

Here’s an example of a MeWe group as viewed in a web browser. The layout isn’t cluttered with advertisements so there’s room for other useful features. MeWe puts hashtags to good use. All I do is include a hash mark (#) in front of a keyword – see #scanning and #apps in the post shown above – and MeWe will add it to the #Tags panel in the right sidebar. Click any tag in the panel and MeWe will display every post in this group assigned that tag. This way, members have easy access to all content posted within the group even as your timeline grows.

While you have a Chats panel in your timeline that makes it easy to contact friends for a one-on-one chat, the Group Chat panel in a MeWe group operates more like a discussion than a chat. This could be very useful to families as well as genealogical societies. With a bit of experimenting, MeWe groups could be a great way for societies to offer virtual special interest groups.

Each user gets 8GB of storage for files, photos and videos. You can add 50GB of additional storage for $4.99/month. I doubt that many personal accounts would need added storage, but a society probably would – especially if they want to offer multiple SIGs. Even so, $4.99/month is quite reasonable.

MeWe offers three group types – Open, Selective and Private. An open group is a group that anyone can join unless they have been blocked by the group owner. In a selective group, you are first asked to answer a question or two and the group admin decides whether to include you. A private group does not show up in MeWe’s group directory and membership is by invitation only. This is a good option for societies – especially with SIGs.

With the Google+ announcement, a number of businesses are moving to MeWe including WordPress, Dropbox, Amazon and Amazon Prime. I hope we will be seeing a number of genealogical societies, archives and services on MeWe soon.

Want to see a MeWe group in action? Stop by my Storytellers Studio group and say hello.

8 thoughts on “Google+ Shutting Down

  1. Do you mean ALL of Google is shutting down? WOW! That’s MAJOR. Fortunately, I weened myself off Google over a year ago and only have used it recently for YouTube. Is that shutting down too?

    This is the first I’ve heard of this.


  2. I missed the “+” after “Google”—so I went in to my Google account and discovered I do, in fact, have a “Google+” account. Must have been from a long time ago because I certainly haven’t used it! Is it automatic? I could not find a way to close it without closing Goggle period. I decided not to do that since I do still use YouTube and occasionally WordPress to post a comment on some blogs.


  3. If you weren’t aware you had a Google+ account, you probably don’t need to worry about cleaning it out. I haven’t been there in so long that anything I put there is probably useless by now anyway.


  4. Hi Denise

    I signed up to MeWe, but am unable to see your group. I applied for membership the other day, but I haven’t heard anything back. Did you get a notification? Perhaps membership is by invitation only.

    Cheers Shelley


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