Research Safely With Firefox

Genealogy is a fascinating hobby but it can also be a dangerous one. Our research requires that we spend a lot of time in many different kinds of websites. Most of them require a login name and password. Instead of creating a different password for each site, many people use the same password over and over. This can be quite dangerous. If someone manages to crack the password for one of your sites he will then try using that password to crack even more of you sites. This could include access to your bank accounts and other personal information.

The Firefox browser was designed to protect users while they browse the Web. Turn on the Private Browsing and Firefox will make sure that no trackers are following you as you visit various sites. There is also a Tracking Protection feature that stops the hidden trackers often found in advertisements.

Firefox has an experimental password management app called Firefox Lockbox. Even though it is experimental, it functions quite nicely. There are a number of affordable password managers that function very well in the Firefox browser.

Firefox also offers a mobile version for both iOS and Android devices. Create an account with Firefox and it will insure that bookmarks, passwords and Pocket items are automatically synched between your desktop and devices.

Firefox even has a feature for taking screenshots. In this example only the visible part of this page has been captured and the buttons above it give you options on what to do with this shot.

The panel on the left is my bookmarks. The panel slides open with just one click and closes just as quickly. There is also a bar just above the screen for the sites that are frequently visited.

Firefox on iPhone
Here is an example of Firefox on iOS. Tap the three bar icon at the bottom of the screen to view options.


Those options are available on the iPhone version of Firefox. Notice at the top of the panel is the Firefox account info. Because I created a Firefox account and use it on my desktop and mobile devices, all my settings, bookmarks, etc. stay synchronized.

The Firefox browser is available for Windows and Mac desktops as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. This is just the beginning. There’s a lot more browser goodness coming to make your online researching easier.


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