Here at the Gazette I use my tech experience to help family historians and researchers put today’s tech tools to use in their research and storytelling efforts. My presentations also focus on research tools and digital storytelling. You can contact me at moultrie.creek at for more information.

Presentation Topics List

Digital Storytelling: The Living Book of the Dead

Don’t wait until your research is finished to tell your family stories. Your research is never finished! Thanks to today’s technology, you can write the stories as your research develops them, distribute them digitally to family and friends and build a fascinating family history one story at a time. And most of this is done with tools you already have. Learn how to put them to work to build and distribute your stories.

Build A Private Family Network With Famicity

Social networks are a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. Unfortunately, public networks also attract stalkers, identity thieves and other nasty characters. Fortunately, we now have Famicity. This platform is part scrapbook, part photo album, part social network and all about family. Learn how to use Famicity to capture and share the stories, photos and ephemera that makes your family so special. See how to take advantage of Famicity’s social side to keep in touch with your family – near and far – using comments and the internal messaging system.

FamilySearch – Where Families Live Forever is an amazing resource for family historians. Many users see it as an online family tree with impressive tools to trace their ancestors. It is that, but it is also much more.  This presentation looks at the research support and resources that are freely available along with the apps, tools and services that help insure your research is protected even after you are gone.

Digital Storytelling: An Introduction to Blogging

A blog is a simple and affordable way to tell the stories of your ancestors, connect with research cousins and inspire your family. This presentation is an introduction to the Geneablogging community, provides information on blogging platforms and demonstrates how easy it is to get started.

The Future of Memories – The impact of the digital age on family history

Family historians concerned that the handwritten letter is being replaced with Twitter’s 140-character limit will be happy to discover that today’s digital media technology offers amazing and affordable ways to capture our life stories for future generations. Learn how to use app phones and tablets as tools for documenting your family’s current history along with easy and creative ways to share it now and archive it for the future.

The Researcher’s Digital Toolbox

This presentation looks at the digital tools that can significantly improve your research effort. Most cost you nothing to use and several are already on your computer. Others may be unfamiliar now, but will soon become your new best friends.

What’s Your Digital Disaster Plan

Coastal residents know to have food, water, gas and important papers ready for hurricane season. Have you included your digital archives in your disaster plan? This presentation takes a look at options for protecting your digital treasures from storms, fires and other disasters.

Sharpen Your Digital Pencil: Metadata In Genealogy

Metadata is the digital equivalent of the penciled note you always hope to find on the back of an old family photo. This presentation introduces metadata and shows how it is being used to establish provenance, improve searching and describe all kinds of digital information. Learn how to add metadata to your digital photos, documents and other files.

Research Delivered: An Introduction to Newsreaders

Tired of subscribing to email newsletters only to find they also generate tons of spam advertisements? There’s another way to have the latest news, articles and even research finds delivered to your desktop, tablet or phone. It’s the newsreader and it’s amazing. Learn how news feeds and newsreaders allow you to create your own digital magazine with just the content you want and have that content delivered within seconds of being published.

Build a Family Photo Archive With Flickr

Flickr is more than a photo-sharing platform. It is also an impressive off-site archive for current and historic photos. And it’s free! This presentation shows you how to protect and organize your photos with Flickr. You will also learn how to discover and connect with research cousins.

Archival Quality Writing – An Introduction to Markdown

Do you have files created in obsolete software that you can no longer open? Learn how the Markdown standard can future-proof your family history writing. Discuss writing apps that support Markdown for editing and export.

Professional Associations 

  • Federation of Genealogical Societies
  • Florida State Genealogical Society
  • The St. Augustine Genealogical Society

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