MeWe Update

MeWe screenshot
My MeWe home page viewed in my web browser

The MeWe social network is a delight. You can connect with family and friends without being bombarded with advertising or worrying that anything you say or do is being sold to the highest bidder. MeWe supports groups, messaging, one-on-one chats and even group chats. Add the MeWe app to your mobile phone and you can enjoy voice and video calls with family and friends who are also on MeWe.

As it is, MeWe is quite impressive, but it’s about to get even better. In the next few weeks we will see even more MeWe goodness. Here’s a quick look at what’s to come . . .

The most requested feature is at the top of the list – MeWe Pages. Create a page for your business or personal use. Using Pages you can post “open posts” which are visible to all MeWe users and can be shared to others.

Right now the posts you add to your MeWe timeline are only visible to your contacts. The new open posts feature will give you the ability to make a post visible to all MeWe members or limit it to just selected people. Once this goes live, when you create a post you decide who can see it.

Right now you can embed a video in a post but soon you will be able to post them in comments, replies and other areas. This could get real interesting.

It won’t be long before these new features start rolling out and I’m sure they will all be a hit – just like everything else MeWe does. If you aren’t already a MeWe member, now would be a good time to get started.

I can’t wait to build the Moultrie Creek page on MeWe.

MeWe Makes Networking Great Again


You may think that MeWe is a strange name for an online social network, but once you get into it and start looking around you will quickly discover that this place is absolutely amazing. First of all . . . MeWe takes privacy seriously. Your personal data will not be sold and you can also control who can see your posts, photos and other ephemera within your profile and groups.

Since they aren’t selling you out to create income, there are costs for some of the available features. For example, each MeWe user receives 8GB of storage for personal photos, videos, documents and files at no cost. You can purchase additional storage if you need it. Group chats – audio and video – are still experimental and therefore free to use. Once they are fully functional, there will be a cost to use them. From what I’ve seen so far, prices are very affordable. They currently offer a Secret Chat service (similar to WhatsApp only without tracking your chats) for $.99/month. Emoji lovers can purchase additional packets for $.99 a packet. If you need more storage it can be added. For example, 50GB will cost you $4.99/month. Other services still in the planning stage include MeWe Pages at $1.99/month and there are even some games planned.

One of the things I really like with MeWe are their groups. There is a group for just about any topic you can imagine – including genealogy. Groups can be open to everyone or only to approved users. In addition to the familiar timeline and comments element, you can also organize group chats, events and even maintain a files library. Yes, you can include videos in the group’s timeline, making it an easy and affordable way to provide useful demonstrations and possibly even a presentation.

IMG_3355 2If you haven’t tried MeWe yet, now’s the time. Create your account and take a look around. The first thing you will notice is there are no advertisements. The web version of MeWe is beautifully layed out, making it easy to find your way around. There are also free mobile apps for Android and iOS devices (phones and tablets) which I find more useful for communicating. Here’s an example of a posting on my iPhone from the Storytellers Studio group. Notice the comment element at the bottom of this screenshot. In addition to adding photos and emoji in a comment, with MeWe you can just tap the microphone icon and start dictating your message. When others view this post, they see it as an audio message that they can listen to themselves. That feature alone could start some very interesting conversations.

Once you create your MeWe account and take a look around, I hope you’ll stop by Storytellers Studio and say hello. MeWeStudio

MeWe looks very simple and it is just that – simple to use. You’ll soon find there’s a lot more to this delightful network than you first thought. Its simplicity makes it easy to use and as you get comfortable with the basics you will discover even more features.

No wonder Facebook’s taking a beating.

MeWe – A Social Networking Delight

If you don’t want your social network selling your personal information to election campaigns and outside advertisers, you will find MeWe a refreshing change. It has the features you’ll find elsewhere – timelines, groups, chats, photo albums and events. What it doesn’t have is advertising, tracking or spying. With MeWe, you own your content and you control the level of privacy you want for it.

A user home screen on MeWe

The various elements within MeWe – profile screens, groups and chats – are not cluttered with advertising. The example above is my Home screen. My timeline is in the middle with my photostream on the right and chats on the left. A simple toolbar at the top of the screen along with a search box completes the view.

MeWe screen
MeWe on the iPad

There are mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. As you can see here, the view is even less cluttered on my iPad. This is the Home/timeline view. Tap the icons at the bottom of the screen to move to the other areas in the network. Notice the icons below each entry here. You can use them to respond to that entry with an emoji, comment or both. The last icon makes it possible to share this entry to a group, an event or a private message within MeWe.

When leaving a comment, you can include photos, GIFs, doodles and even files. Tap the microphone icon in the comment section and you can record a voice comment. Comments and replies often become conversations. With MeWe those conversations can be text, audio and even video. Note that the a/v options are best when using MeWe on a mobile phone. MeWe can be used on both Android and iOS mobile devices as well as desktop browsers.

MeWe group page
A MeWe Group page

MeWe groups are quite impressive. In addition to the features found in the timeline, groups have some additional features that make it possible to build a resource center for your group. By including tags in posts and taking advantage of the search feature to find all posts assigned a specific tag, group members have easy access to the content they need.

The group file library

Not only can you build a research library for the group, you can also organize them for easy access thanks to folders and the files search box. Using these features, groups become more than just a place to post questions.

MeWe costs you nothing to use. There is an emoji store where you can purchase additional features like extra storage. All users get 8GB of storage free, but you can up that to 50GB for $4.99/month. They also offer Secret Chat (similar to WhatsApp) for $.99/mo and Custom emoji packets at $.99 each. There are several prime features in the works so stay tuned.

MeWe is what social networking should be – simple and private. It’s full of useful features but built in such a way that it won’t take more than a few minutes to feel right at home. See for yourself at

Safe Social Networks

Recently we learned that Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytics to access the personal information of 50 million users to be used for political purposes.

While Facebook is a great platform for news and “public” resources (genealogy network groups, apps, archives and resource pages along with other research pages and groups), it’s not a safe place to share personal information. Even something as innocuous as celebrating a birthday can turn into identity theft. Fortunately there are safer alternatives for sharing news, photos and other information.

A note posted in my MeWe timeline using the iPhone app.

First on the list is the MeWe social network ( With MeWe you own your content and you control how you interact with other members and what level of privacy you want to maintain.

MeWe supports timelines, private chatting and groups. Safely share photos, videos, documents, voice messages and more. You can access MeWe using your desktop browser, smart phone or tablet (iOS and Android).

With MeWe you can create private groups for family and friends as well as topic groups. When a post is shared to a group only members of that group will see it. This means you can safely post your travel photos to your family and friends while on the road – something you would never do on Facebook.

Want to learn more? Get the details at

Another interesting option is Famicity – a family-based network with a focus on privacy. It has a look and feel that seems more like a scrapbook than a social network. This platform is focused on family – present and past. You can create and share photo albums, stories, videos, news and scanned ephemera. There is a family tree component which shows how you are related to others and serves as an index to view the entries related to that person.

With Famicity you control who can see that content. The social side kicks in when family and friends add their comments, photos and stories.

Famicity is free to use and your content will never be shared with a third party. They are planning to add “premium” features which will cost you to use. Learn more at

A sample post in Posthaven

Although it isn’t a social network, the Posthaven blog platform is a great way to share news, photos, birthdays, special events and more. There are a number of features that make Posthaven a great family tool. The primary goal of Posthaven’s developers is to create a service which will be there for the long run. In order to do this, it will cost you to use Posthaven, but the cost is minimal. For $5.00 a month, you can create up to ten blogs. Even if you quit paying, your existing content will remain on your site (unless you decide to remove it). Posthaven supports both public and private blogs.

In the Posthaven world there are three types of users – publishers, subscribers and visitors. Publishers post content on the site. This includes photos and videos. Publishing is as easy as sending an email message. Every Posthaven blog has a unique address. Publishers create an email message and send it to the blog’s address. The subject of the email becomes the title of the post and the message becomes the content. Photos, links and videos can be included in the email to be published with the text content. On public blogs, any visitor will see your content, but on private blogs a password is needed to see the post. Each post has a comment form making it possible to start a conversation online.

Subscribers have posts delivered to them via email. They will receive all the content included in the post. They can even add comments just by replying to the message/post with their notes. This subscriber service is especially useful for family members who have trouble remembering passwords.

To learn more about Posthaven, visit the site at