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The first website went public 25 years ago

The internet just marked another major milestone. The first website, Tim Berners-Lee’s description of the World Wide Web project, went public 25 years ago on August 6th, 1991. The launch was unceremonious — Berners-Lee announced the project on a Usenet group, and it wasn’t until after August 23rd that new users visited the site. However, […]

Ulysses for Blogging

This week the Ulysses writing platform (Mac – $44.99 & iOS – $24.99) released an update that includes publishing to WordPress blogs – both those hosted at and self-hosted sites. It even supports multiple blogs! Also included are many of the WordPress options you use regularly, including: save a post as a draft , publish it immediately […]

10 Awesome WordPress Features That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Many users didn’t realize that instead of using a popup to paste a link, they can just select a text and press CTRL+V (Command+V on mac) to paste the URL. The visual editor automatically converts it into a link. This is just one feature. Find the rest at wpbeginner – where you can learn how to […]

Why You Need a Blog Editor

Those of us with a treasured family journal, scrapbook or collection of letters have a window into the personal side of our family’s history. That one or more generations of people took the time and effort to protect and preserve those treasures makes them even more precious. Today, we have a large community of bloggers […]

Google Removes Dennis Cooper’s 14-Year-Old Blog

Cooper’s situation highlights the dangers of entrusting your content to a publishing service that may not even give fair notice before removing your website. As a writer and performer whose livelihood depends on the freedom of expression, Cooper would be better served with an open source, self-hosted publishing platform like WordPress, along with daily off-site […]

The Joy of Genealogy

Been there too. I’m still laughing . . . Right class, so where do we always start in genealogy? Not with a G, Kenneth – oh, Ken, sorry – and no, not with a J either.  Anyone else? No, Lisa, ha ha, we don’t start with William the Conqueror!! What’s that?  Your 4th cousin twice […]

Jetpack Secure Sign In

I’m really happy about the feature in today’s new 4.1 release of Jetpack that streamlines logging in with your account. When this is finished it’ll completely protect you from brute force attacks (and server load), and you can secure one login with two-factor for all your sites rather than maintaining dozens of user/pass combinations… via […]

WordPress for iOS 6.1

WordPress has released an update to their iOS app with some great new features: You can now manage Publicize and third-party sharing using the app. This applies to both and self-hosted sites using Jetpack. Manage comments using swipe gestures to approve, unapprove or trash them. Use the mobile app to select your primary blog. […]

The WordPress Reader

Have you looked at the WordPress app yet? You don’t need to be a WordPress blogger to find it useful. The Reader component is delightful. It’s designed for WordPress blogs but it can also follow other blog platforms. Here’s a quick tour of the reader basics. A later post will look at adding and organizing […]

WordPress Shortcodes

A shortcode is a feature that makes it easy to pull content from your blog as well as outside sources into a page or post. For example, you can copy/paste the embed code to display a YouTube video or you could pull it into a post with a simple shortcode like the one you […]