Connecting to Genealogy Speakers Online

Many of us join a genealogical society to learn how best to track down our ancestors, organize the information we discover and compile that information into a format that keeps it within easy reach. Unfortunately most societies can only provide a limited number of presentations each year and in our busy worlds, we have less …

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Cruise the Internet Archive With Documents

Did you know that the amazing Documents app [iOS - free] has a built-in browser? Not only that, but it's the perfect browser to use when you are wandering through the Internet Archive looking for books, documents and other publications. Why? Because using the Documents browser, you can quickly and easily find, download, organize and …

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MacFamilyTree – Awesome Updates

If you're like me, you probably have family trees in Ancestry, FamilySearch and other platforms (MyHeritage for me). Each have been helpful in finding useful records, but it can be a challenge to organize all this genealogy goodness in one central location. That changed when I moved to MacFamilyTree. The FamilySearch connection makes it easy …

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Portable Scanning

Tired of exorbitant copy fees in research libraries? You may be carrying a scanner with you already and you didn't even know it. I'm talking about your smart phone. Take advantage of your phone's camera and some very inexpensive apps and you'll be able to make your own copies whenever and wherever you find useful research. You'll be surprised how easy it is!