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Ulysses for Family History

Are you building your family history one story at a time? If so, do you need a way to keep those stories organized so they can be repurposed into family history projects? Take a look at Ulysses. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

BookWright and eBooks

If you think Blurb is just for photo books, think again. However, the fact that Blurb is focused on photos makes it a great platform for family history publishing projects. It supports the written stories and it shows off the photos and family ephemera to best advantage. Blurb doesn’t provide the editorial services you’ll find at […]

Ulysses’ Writing Support Tools

A look at the tools Ulysses provides to help you manage the writing process when you want to stay focused on your actual writing.

Build Family History Books With BookWright

Today, photo books can include photos, scanned documents, graphic elements and even lots of text. This makes them great platforms for family historians to capture and share their family stories.

The Diary of a Southern Lady

Like many of us, I’ve often found the hints pointing to other family trees more irritating than informative. It’s not unusual to find the exact same content duplicated from one tree to another. Fortunately, the occasional tidbit of information makes wading through these trees worth the effort. Over Easter weekend, one of those tidbits […]

Creative Commons: Some Rights Reserved

If you look down the sidebar on any of my blogs, you will see the Creative Commons graphic. Follow the link to the license information and you will be pleasantly surprised that the license text is written in plain language. There is also a legal version of the license at the Creative Commons site and […]

Build Filters in Ulysses

Ulysses’ filter feature is an elegantly simple way to organize your writing project and keep track of all those little tasks that still need to be done. They are easy to set up and a delight to use. Here’s how.

Managing Fonts on Your iPad

Your iPad comes with a standard set of fonts which are very nice but . . . If you want to have additional fonts available for use in presentations or other storytelling projects, you can do this with the AnyFonts app [iOS – $1.99] and an easily accessible cloud storage service (I use Dropbox). AnyFonts […]

Vellum for Ebook Building

One of my projects for this year is to update Future of Memories with new technology and new projects. When the first edition was published, there were few applications to support custom book layout for ebooks. I found the booksellers’ automated conversion results very disappointing – especially for a book with lots of graphics. Since then we’ve seen a […]

Telling Stories with Keynote and Scribd

Keynote and Scribd . . . these are a few of my favorite storytelling things. Using these tools I’ve published the first installment of my family stories.