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Found on Flickr – Aviation History

All photos are from the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s collections in Flickr Commons which include more than 230,000 photos. Other sets include photos from the AirMail Pioneers Album, Women in Aviation, the USAF Museum album and the George B. Arnold Special Collection. If you have any airmen in your family history, this place is for […]

Two Techniques for Healing Broken Links

Last Friday I presented two citations composed solely of broken URLs and I challenged you to write full citations for them. (See “Darned Image Citations.”) The two can be used to illustrate two different techniques for recovering from broken URLs. I’m not surprised to find the Wayback Machine is involved . . . Great tips! […]

A Picture Map of London History

If you have ancestors who lived in London, you will find Collage, The London Picture Archive, a gorgeous look into your family history. It took two years to digitize more than 250,000 images and maps. The result is a gorgeous site that will amaze and delight. There’s an impressive search component, but the best way […]

Places Please!

After a number of software migrations, my genealogy data has found a delightfully function home at MacFamilyTree/MobileFamilyTree. They recently released version 8 with some impressive new features and useful updates to existing ones. I found the places management updates especially interesting since that area of my database needs work – a lotta work. Over the last […]

American Battle Monuments Commission at Fold3

The American Battle Monuments Commission manages the overseas military cemeteries, memorials, monuments and markers from World War I, World War II and the Korean War. This includes Normandy American Cemetery, Flanders Field American Cemetery, Guadalcanal Memorial and the Honolulu Memorial. The American Battle Monuments collection is quite impressive, but even more interesting is how it […]

In the Spotlight

Mac users – did you know that your Spotlight search feature (the little magnifying glass icon at the far left of the menu bar) gives you quick access to the Dictionary app? As you type the word you want to look up, the Spotlight panel displays a list of things on your system matching your search. One […]

Link to an Evernote from Your Genealogy App

I use Evernote and the MacFamilyTree/MobileFamilyTree combo to manage my family research. Both genealogy apps share the same data files which reside in iCloud. To keep file sizes down, I don’t attach a lot of media files (photos, scanned documents, etc.) to my records. Fortunately, both apps include URLs as a media option. This allows me to put […]

Manage your research with Evernote and tags

Evernote is an amazing tool for managing genealogical research. With Evernote you’ll not only have all your research with you wherever you go, but you can have any item of information in front of your eyes in just seconds. Forget folders for each surname and duplicating records when multiple surnames are involved. With Evernote you […]

iOS 9 Tip – Spotlight Search

Swipe down anywhere on your home screen to bring up Spotlight’s search. From here you can type in your search criteria or tap the microphone icon and dictate it. Spotlight search not only searches your email, contacts and web, but will also search apps that support it. For example, the new Apple News app and […]