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The Family Curator is at it again!

When I need a quick photo for a blog post or a high-quality digital image of a favorite heirloom, the SHOTBOX tabletop photo studio is my go-to setup. In fact, after bringing home the SHOTBOX from RootsTech last winter, I packed up my tripod and off-camera lights and haven’t found a reason to dig them… via […]

Getting Started With Flickr

Flickr is more than just a photo-sharing platform. It’s also affordable off-site storage, a social center and a great place to connect with others researching the same people and places you are. These guides will help you get started with Flickr. You are welcome to download a PDF copy of each guide by clicking the […]

Flickr Photo Archive – Getting Started

  The Getting Started guide walks you through the processes to create your account at Flickr, install the Uploader app so it will automatically upload new photos to Flickr and use the Camera Roll to quickly organize them into Albums. Flickr Photo Archive – Getting Started is a PDF document approximately 15.4 MB in size.

Flickr Photo Archive Series

The Flickr Photo Archive Series continues to grow. This guide looks at Flickr’s new Camera Roll and how to use it to quickly process and organize photos uploaded to Flickr. The Search guide has also been updated and a new Getting Started guide will be added this week. These and other useful guides can be […]

A Tragic Photo Archive Loss

A tragic loss of a photo archive. Just as relevant for the family historian . . . A Flickr, Dropbox, Google Photos or iCloud account are often the first line of defense for your photos — regardless of whether or not you are a pro photographer with your livelihood riding on your images. My heart goes out […]

LOC’s America’s Cup Album at Flickr

If you are considering using Flickr to showcase your historic family photos, stop by the Library of Congress’ America’s Cup album to see how the pros put Flickr to work. The photos are gorgeous. The album displays the collection beautifully and the metadata is amazing.

Flickr Groups – A Photo Community for Families

Flickr groups are a great way for family historians and societies to collect information about their historic photographs.

Find Family History With Flickr Search

The Flickr Photo Archive series continues with a guide discussing Flickr’s search features and how to use them to find and connect with family on Flickr.

Flickr’s Auto-Loader and Camera Roll

This is the first in my Flickr Photo Archive series. It and other Moultrie Creek Guides can be downloaded at no cost at Scribd.

How Precious Is Your Email?

There’s a lot of personal history in your email. How do you archive your messages? Will they be readable to future generations?