Focus on Journaling

The Storyteller
For those of us fortunate enough to have a journal or diary from an ancestor, we have a view of their world that no amount of vital records can deliver. In today’s tech world, journaling has taken on a whole new dimension. We now have journaling tools that make it easy to include photos, audio and even video along with the text.

What can journaling do for you? You’d be surprised! Follow us this month for posts on useful apps, journaling prompts and creative ways to share your stories. Discover how easy – and fun – journaling can be.

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Day One Book Printing

A recent Day One update includes the ability to turn your journal into a book. This is only available on Day One 2.0 – desktop and mobile versions.

To find it, go to Settings and choose the Book Printing option. This slideshow walks you through the steps to create your book.

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When you are ready, the last step is to upload your book file and choose how you wish to pay for it. Your book file is encrypted then uploaded. The printing process is automated so your content stays private throughout. Apple Pay is one of your payment options. This was my first online Apple Pay experience and it was very simple. I hope to see more online retailers using Apple Pay soon.

It will take 7 to 12 business days to create and ship my book. Book prices begin at $14.99 for a 50 page book. Add 10¢ per page after that. A hardback cover adds $5.00 and shipping adds another $5.00. I created my first book from my Sketchbook journal. It came in at 54 pages and with hard cover cost me $20.39. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

My test book was created from my Sketchbook journal which has very little text included. I created this book using my iPhone and my only complaint is that it is sometimes difficult to read the instructions. It’s not their fault that these old eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be, but next time I will do my customizing on a larger screen.

As of now, there’s no way to pull out entries tagged with a specific tag, but hopefully that will happen soon. Once we can pull entries by tags, this feature will make it easy to create customized baby books and books to document special vacations, wedding albums and other unique family events.

Can’t wait to see my first book!

Christmas Tour feature

Christmas Stories

Who remembers the Christmas Tour of Blogs from 2008? What a delightful way to share the things that made Christmas so special for each of us. This weekend I’m decorating the house and as I unpack the decorations, it’s not surprising that each item has a story behind it. It dawned on me that if I don’t document those stories now, who will know why they are so special after I’m gone. I have enough storyless family treasures as it is.

It’s going to take longer to decorate this year. As I pull out special decorations and ornaments, I’m using my Day One app on my phone to photograph them and add text describing where they came from and why they are so special. I’ll make sure that when they get passed on, their stories will go with them.