Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling as a way to share the stories of our families – both yesterday’s and today’s. It’s like a technically-advanced version of the journals, diaries and photo albums of our ancestors. And, thanks to technology, we can share our projects online to reach a world-wide audience. As many of us have already discovered, this has helped discover and meet distant relatives who also share our interest in dead relatives. Below is a view of the current Digital Storytelling Weekly which presents interesting articles, videos and other resources from around the web. Click on the link above to subscribe and have it delivered to your Inbox every Sunday morning.

For a more comprehensive discussion of digital storytelling, take a look at my book – The Future of Memories: A digital publishing primer for the family historian [PDF – $2.99]. You’ll discover how easy it is to be your own publisher and find some great projects to get you started.

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