Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling as a way to share the stories of our families – both yesterday’s and today’s. It’s like a technically-advanced version of the journals, diaries and photo albums of our ancestors. And, thanks to technology, we can share our projects online to reach a world-wide audience. As many of us have already discovered, this has helped discover and meet distant relatives who also share our interest in dead relatives.

Voila_Capture696For a more comprehensive discussion of digital storytelling, take a look at my book – The Future of Memories: A digital publishing primer for the family historian [PDF – $2.99]. You’ll discover how easy it is to be your own publisher and find some great projects to get you started.

Below you’ll find links to storytelling articles posted at the Gazette.

  • Writing for the Future - Those of us who have photographs, letters, journals and other writings from our ancestors are blessed with a view of their worlds that no amount of vital records can provide. These are precious treasures which we spend a lot of time, money and effort to preserve. But, what are we doing to document and preserve […]
  • Telling Stories with Keynote and Scribd - Keynote and Scribd . . . these are a few of my favorite storytelling things. Using these tools I've published the first installment of my family stories.
  • Storytelling Therapy - Recently one of my older relatives was involved in an automobile accident. Although he wasn’t seriously injured, at his age even the small things take a long time to heal. Our biggest concern is with his sight. Bottom line is we don’t know yet if his sight problems can be fully resolved and, as you […]
  • Serialize your family history - One of the reasons there are so many geneabloggers is that we have discovered it as the perfect platform for creating and presenting our family history one story at a time. Instead of waiting until I have all my research completed, when I have gathered enough on a person or event, I’ll write that story […]
  • Redefining the Scrapbook - My great grandfather’s scrapbook isn’t pretty. It doesn’t look anything like today’s scrapbooks either. That doesn’t prevent it from being a family treasure. It contains pages of newspaper clippings like the ones you see here. For the most part, these are articles he wrote for various papers and publications. As you can imagine, old newsprint […]
  • More Keynote Goodness -  
  • Making Movies with Keynote - Did you know you can make movies with Keynote? Keynote for the Mac has a Record Slideshow feature that makes it easy to record your presentation and then export it as a movie. All you need is a headset. I use my iPhone earbud and it works just fine.
  • Keynote Storytelling - Anyone who has been to one of my presentations knows I’m not a big fan of bullet points. I prefer to show a lot of screenshots and examples. When I do include bullet points, they are seldom the main focus of the slide. Along the way I discovered Keynote – the presentations app in Apple’s suite […]
  • Getting Started Story Contest at Treelines - Treelines is having a storytelling contest!. Take a break from telling the stories of your ancestors and tell us about yourself and how you started on this amazing genealogical journey! We’re looking for the stories that best capture the fun, wonder, self-discovery, and, well, increasing obsessiveness of our beloved hobby. We’re also looking for stories that are well-written, […]
  • Family Reunion - Don’t you just love it? I was wandering around Flickr looking for some old photos I could use in our society publications when this popped up in my browser. It’s awesome! You will need to follow the link to Flickr to see all the little “presents” under this tree. I’m sure each one has a […]
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