Essential WordPress Plugins for Genea-blogging

When using the self-hosted version of WordPress, bloggers can add functionality to their site by installing plugins. Here are several plugins that will improve your blogging experience and make it easier to organize and arrange both content and posts:

  • WordPress Database Backup. With this plugin you can not only manually back up your blog’s database at any time, but you can also schedule automatic backups and have them emailed to you. Caution: the database backup captures the content of your blog’s posts and pages, but does not back up uploaded images and other attachments.
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar. This is one plugin I use every day. It allows me to write when I have time and schedule when those articles will be published on the site. This way I can do most of my writing on the weekend and still have something new showing up on the site throughout the week. I can quickly drag and drop an article from one day to another and see where there are gaps that need to be filled.
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. Although we don’t always write articles in sequence, new posts usually relate to people and places in existing posts. This plugin makes it easy to connect the dots and provide a list at the bottom of each post showing other posts related to it. This plugin will do that for you.
  • WP to Twitter. Will automatically announce each new post in Twitter. I can set it up to automatically tweet the title and link to each post or I can customize the content of the post’s tweet from within the post’s editing page.
  • Jetpack Lite. This is not the “official” Jetpack plugin offered by This version just provides WordPress Stats and the link shortener.

There are many more plugins providing lots of useful functionality on your blog, but these offer features almost every blogger finds useful.

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