Footnotes in WordPress

Would you like to include footnotes1 in your WordPress posts and pages? If you’re using a self-hosted version of WordPress, you can take advantage of the FD Footnotes plugin. Once installed, this plugin provides a simple shortcode2 which make it easy to add your references right in your text. As you see from these examples, the footnotes are collected at the bottom of the post. The superscripted reference number also serves as a hyperlinked bookmark which will quickly connect you to that citation. Don’t worry about losing your place when you check a citation. The curly arrow icon at the end of each footnote links you right back to the reference number in the text.

How difficult is it to create your footnotes? Here’s what the code looks like in your editor:

… footnotes[1. Citations commonly found at the bottom of a page.] in your …
…shortcode[2. WordPress-specific codes that perform complex functions.] which …

Type your citation beginning with its reference number, a period and space, and surround the whole thing with square braces. It can’t get much easier than that! And, because the plugin just positions the collected footnotes at the bottom of your post without headings or styling, you can add whatever you want at the bottom of your post to “introduce” your footnotes. In this case, they are being used as simple notes so that is how I’ve titled them.

With this plugin, you can now include formal footnotes, simple source lists or just plain notes quickly and easily within your posts.


  1. Citations commonly found at the bottom of a page.
  2. WordPress-specific codes that perform complex functions.

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