Storytellers Studio

Today’s technology has given us a number of easy, affordable and creative ways to share the stories our family research discovers. If you are waiting until your research is complete to start telling these stories, it will never happen. Our research is never finished.

You don’t have to be an accomplished writer either. To many of us, writing THE FAMILY HISTORY looks like an impossible project – and it is! Instead of a huge project, why not just tackle one “little story”. It could be the story behind a photograph or family heirloom. It could be a transcribed letter written by or to an ancestor. These little stories are easy to create and you’ll be surprised how quickly your collection of little stories grows.

The Storytellers Studio offers creative project ideas along with resources that will help your storytelling effort.

Below you’ll find links to several storytelling projects posted at the Gazette. I hope they will demonstrate how much fun storytelling can be.