Photo Management Tools

Photos – old and new – are the life blood of any family historian. We not only take photos but we are the custodians of treasured collections of old photos. There are all kinds of digital tools to help us preserve, organize and present these amazing images to share with present and future generations.

Photo Organization

  • Photoshop Elements [Win & Mac – $60] has included a photo organizer with its Windows product for quite some time. With version 9, it has been included in the Mac version too.
  • iPhoto [Mac – $15] is part of the iLife suite of creative applications. It offers both organizational tools and basic editing features. Apple integrates iPhoto into its other applications allowing you to easily find images in your collection for use in writing or presentation projects. You’ll find a series of articles on iPhoto here at the Gazette to help take advantage of the application’s capabilities.

Photo Editing

  • Adobe Photoshop CC [Win & Mac – $19/month] is the gold standard for photo-editing. In addition to the hefty price tag, there are also some pretty hefty system requirements for this application. Make sure your computer will support the software before you spend the money.
  • Photoshop Elements [Win & Mac – $60] has a more limited feature set that its big brother – and a much smaller price tag. For most of us, this version will support our needs quite nicely. In addition to photo-editing tools, there are a number of features supporting more creative endeavors – including digital scrapbooking.
  • Corel PaintShop Pro [Win – $75] is Corel’s alternative to Photoshop Elements for Windows users and offers an impressive feature set.
  • Pixelmator [Mac – $30] is a Mac alternative to Photoshop Elements. It offers many of the same tools and features, but with the Mac look and feel.

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