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Scanner Apps

There are a growing number of apps that will turn your mobile phone into an impressive scanner. Can they take the place of your current flatbed or document scanner? It’s possible, but not probable. That doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Here’s a look at several scanner apps.

WordPress for iOS 6.1

WordPress has released an update to their iOS app with some great new features: You can now manage Publicize and third-party sharing using the app. This applies to both WordPress.com and self-hosted sites using Jetpack. Manage comments using swipe gestures to approve, unapprove or trash them. Use the mobile app to select your primary blog. […]

Today’s Tech – Aug 27

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/131745381] Scanner Pro [iOS – $2.99] now includes a manual scanning mode to make edge adjustments after scanning. You can also upload your scanned documents as JPEG files or as multi-page PDFs. Pocket just announced a new feature called Recommendations.  Tap the Reocmmendations tab and you’ll find a personalized selection of recommended content based on the […]

TweetDeck for Mac gets update

Nothing yet for iOS . . . Twitter announced last week it was redesigning TweetDeck and giving it a fresh look and feel. Today, those changes hit the OS X version of the social networking app. via The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Documents App by Readdle

File manager, document reader, video player and much more. See if you don’t find Documents the most useful app on your iPad. And it’s free!

Flickr’s New iPhone App

Flickr’s updated iPhone app lets you take and edit photos, upload them to Flickr and share them however you want. It’s gorgeous and it’s free. See for yourself.

Finding Your Waze

Need affordable GPS navigation? Take a look at the Waze app for Android and IOS. It’s free, provides crowd-sourced traffic information and works with both Android and iOS phones.

Typing Tools

Let your dictionary do the typing – especially on those tiny mobile keyboards – with the help of these typing tools. They turn a simple abbreviation into complete sentences – even paragraphs.

Tech Notes

This week the spotlight’s on OneNote and Vonage with tips and updates on several other apps and services.

Graphical eBook Publishing Update

An update on the latest tools for building ebooks. There’s still no “complete” editing and layout tool but there are some very nice, affordable apps starting to appear.