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A Picture Map of London History

If you have ancestors who lived in London, you will find Collage, The London Picture Archive, a gorgeous look into your family history. It took two years to digitize more than 250,000 images and maps. The result is a gorgeous site that will amaze and delight. There’s an impressive search component, but the best way […]

How Precious Is Your Email?

There’s a lot of personal history in your email. How do you archive your messages? Will they be readable to future generations?

Review: How to Archive Family Photos

One frequently heard comment about a great book is, “I couldn’t put it down.” With Denise Levenick’s How to Archive Family Photos, I was constantly putting it down – and that’s a good thing! This book is so full of practical ways to manage your photo collection that you will want to stop and put them to work right away.

Rein In Your Blog Posts

Isn’t it amazing how quickly those “little stories” you publish on your blog become impressive family history collections? Would you like to export the contents of your blog into a format that is both readable and easily edited for use in other publishing projects? Then you need to take a look at BlogBooker. BlogBooker takes […]

The Personal Archive: Flickr

When it comes to building a photo archive, nothing beats Flickr. Flickr has set the bar by collaborating with a growing number of public archives to make their photographic collections more accessible. The Commons at Flickr hosts collections from The Library of Congress, Smithsonian Museum, George Eastman House, the British National Maritime Museum, the National […]

Flickr – Affordable Photo Protection

Flickr provides an affordable platform to archive your photographs and serve as off-site storage should a disaster strike your home or computer.