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Find Family History With Flickr Search

The Flickr Photo Archive series continues with a guide discussing Flickr’s search features and how to use them to find and connect with family on Flickr.

Flickr’s Auto-Loader and Camera Roll

This is the first in my Flickr Photo Archive series. It and other Moultrie Creek Guides can be downloaded at no cost at Scribd.

The Personal Archive: Flickr

When it comes to building a photo archive, nothing beats Flickr. Flickr has set the bar by collaborating with a growing number of public archives to make their photographic collections more accessible. The Commons at Flickr hosts collections from The Library of Congress, Smithsonian Museum, George Eastman House, the British National Maritime Museum, the National […]

The Personal Archive – a Valuable Asset

As Denise Levenick has so beautifully illustrated in her book, How to Archive Family Keepsakes, a good part of our family “stuff” is an historical record of our lives and those of our ancestors. Those of us who have taken on the challenge of preserving our family archives have worked hard to protect our treasures […]

Managing Your Document Archive

Personal Archive BadgeHaving a good scanner is just one element in digitizing your personal archives. A good document management system is a necessity too. And there are some great apps to do just that.

Planning for Disaster

Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, epidemics, fires and terrorists can turn our lives upside-down in a matter of minutes. What’s your plan for coping with disaster?

The Information Desk

As you build your online personal archive, you’ll have elements located all over the ‘net – documents at Scribd, photos at Flickr, reading list at WorldCat and so on. How do you pull it all together? Why, with your own information desk, of course. Every archive has one and it’s usually where you’ll find the […]

Keeping Up With Technology

One of the many advantages of an online platform for maintaining your personal archive is changes in technology. It is in the online service’s best interests to insure their catalog is updated as new technology is implemented. As a result, your content is updated for you.