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Society Scrivener

How does your society maintain the many articles published in your quarterly journals and newsletters? Over the years those publications become quite an archive of genealogical goodness. That’s the good news. The bad news is that in many cases your archive is mostly paper copies. Even if you’ve saved the master copies created on desktop […]

Society Events – Personal Archives

Sometime back I sat in on a panel discussion of the future of genealogy. Most of the discussion revolved around technical advances and digital content being added at the large database sites. I was surprised that little was said about the impact of personal archives. While the large databases are a treasure trove of vital records, probate […]

British Fashion & Costumes at Flickr

Have you checked out the Fashion & Costumes collection at the British Library’s archive in Flickr Commons? //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Review: How to Archive Family Photos

One frequently heard comment about a great book is, “I couldn’t put it down.” With Denise Levenick’s How to Archive Family Photos, I was constantly putting it down – and that’s a good thing! This book is so full of practical ways to manage your photo collection that you will want to stop and put them to work right away.

Protecting Your Digital World – Part 1

How well is your digital world protected? Here we look at ways to protect your system and your data from both man-made and environmental disasters.

Building A Society Archive

For some time now I’ve been looking for a way to make my genealogical society’s quarterly article index available online. We celebrate our 50th anniversary next year so you can imagine that there’s much to index. One of our members spent weeks compiling it as a spreadsheet. It’s an impressive piece of work, and an […]

The Personal Archive – a Valuable Asset

As Denise Levenick has so beautifully illustrated in her book, How to Archive Family Keepsakes, a good part of our family “stuff” is an historical record of our lives and those of our ancestors. Those of us who have taken on the challenge of preserving our family archives have worked hard to protect our treasures […]

An Introduction to Markdown

Plain text is the single text format to survive throughout the digital age. Markdown offers a way to enjoy the archival capabilities of plain text and still maintain many formatting options. Learn how you can put markdown to use as part of your archival plan.