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Scrapbook page

Reimagining the Scrapbook

Did you keep a scrapbook in your childhood? Was it something like this – black pages with all kinds of ephemera pasted or taped to them? It’s always a delight to pull out an old photo album or scrapbook and take a trip down memory lane. It’s even more exciting when we get our hands […]

The Family News Network

Are you looking for an easy, affordable and private way to share news, photos and family history in your family? The Posthaven blog platform may be just the thing. Posthaven doesn’t have the whistles and bells offered by the the major blog sites, but it does provide a simple and easy service for posting and […]

Writing for the Future

Those of us who have photographs, letters, journals and other writings from our ancestors are blessed with a view of their worlds that no amount of vital records can provide. These are precious treasures which we spend a lot of time, money and effort to preserve. But, what are we doing to document and preserve […]

It All Started Here

This is my first blog post – October 22, 2003. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long . . . until I start looking at all the stuff between then and now. Thanks to all of you who’ve been there with me.

RSS Ressurection?

It looks like the demise of RSS – and the blogs it supports – has gotten a reprieve. What brought this about? We can thank Apple’s upcoming News app/service and Facebook Instant Articles for this new interest in syndicated feeds. Even Feedly is testing a publisher toolkit which could give us more contol on how […]

Protecting Your Posts

Have you considered developing a writing workflow that not only makes it easy to post to your blog, but also create a copy in your writing platform of choice? You may want to do this – for more than just convenience.

Repurposing Your Posts

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort writing those posts on your blog and now you have an impressive collection of family stories. Where do you go next?

Rein In Your Blog Posts

Isn’t it amazing how quickly those “little stories” you publish on your blog become impressive family history collections? Would you like to export the contents of your blog into a format that is both readable and easily edited for use in other publishing projects? Then you need to take a look at BlogBooker. BlogBooker takes […]

Is Blogger Next?

Today’s news that Google+ would be broken down into Photos and Streams wasn’t unexpected and won’t have a significant impact on my “social life”. My real concern is Blogger, Google’s blog platform. Except for setting up hooks into Google+ way back when, the platform has basically been ignored for years.  WordPress continues to innovate as […]

Scrivener for Geneablogging?

Have you considered Scrivener as a blogging tool? For geneabloggers, it becomes not only a workplace for blogging but a local archive for your growing collection of articles which can then be easily repurposed into any number of other publications. Here you see my Family Stories project in Scrivener opened to a story in the […]