Book Baby offer free book design guide

BookBaby, the publishing and distribution support provider, is now offering a free guide for creating a print quality book. Here’s the scoop . . .

BookBaby asked self-publishing expert Joel Friedlander to write the definitive guide to producing a great printed book. The result is our new guide: Printed Book Design 101. Friedlander provides step-by-step advice and tips to help you create a retail-ready book. Friedlander covers topics such as:

  • Picking the perfect typeface
  • Enhancing the readability of your book with interior design
  • Catching the reader’s eye with cover design tips from the pros
  • The most common mistakes made by self-publishing authors and how you can avoid them

…and much more

Visit BookBaby to request your free copy. You’ll be asked to sign up for their mailing list to receive it.