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Browsing Internet Archive With Documents

The Documents app [iOS – free] is more than a PDF reader – a lot more. Not only can it read an impressive list of document formats, it is also a document management tool. With Documents you can connect to iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and many other cloud storage services. You can copy, move, […]

iCloud Drops Prices

WoooHooo! I just got notice that my iCloud subscription was increased from 15GB to 20GB and that the annual price dropped from $20/year to $10.99/year. Although as a current user I can stay with my annual plan, the iCloud service is moving to a monthly plan and the pricing looks quite affordable. For example, 200GB […]

Is Your Dropbox Up-to-date?

Now that I have so much more room on Dropbox, I decided I was going to set up all my Scrivener projects to sync with my iPad so I can work on them whenever and wherever. There was just one problem . . . nothing was synching. I did a little poking¬†around and discovered that […]

Dropbox Pro: Same Price – 10 Times More Storage

Dropbox announced yesterday that its Pro account ($9.99/mo, $99/year) has now been increased to 1TB of storage (that’s 1,000 GB) along with improved sharing controls and the ability to remotely delete your Dropbox files from your mobile device should it be lost or stolen. Combine this with the 1TB of photo storage you get with […]

iPad Cloud Management

If you’re like me, you have a number of different cloud storage accounts – anything from Dropbox to iCloud (Mac/iOS users) or OneDrive (Windows users) with an assortment of others in between. It’s hard to keep up with them all. Yes, they’re all visible in Finder on my Mac desktop, but the primary reason I […]

Box doubles its personal storage

This is great news! On Wednesday, cloud storage service Box unveiled a new pricing structure that it believes will make it more accessible (and appealing) to individuals and small to medium sized businesses. As part of this move, the Personal plan now has 10GB of free storage, twice the original amount. In addition, Box has […]