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Day One Updates

Lots of new features in the latest Day One update. This video demonstrates them and how to put them to use.

Christmas Tour feature

Christmas Stories

Christmas decorations have stories too. Pass them on!

Day One Tips & Tutorials

Did you know that Day One now supports checklists? This journaling app gets more interesting every day. The Day One Tips playlist on YouTube is a great place to start.

Day One – Putting Tags to Work

Journaling is a great way to capture the “little stories” of your family and your ancestors. Tags make it easy to collect those stories and turn them into any number of creative projects. Here’s a look at tags in one journal app – Day One.

family history journal in Day One

Day One for Family History

I am a big fan of the Day One journal app [Mac – $39.99 & iOS – $4.99]. It’s great for capturing both the special moments and the common ones. It’s also a great place to capture your family history. The latest version (desktop and mobile) supports multiple journals. In addition to my personal journal, I […]

Day One Share Extensions

Day One 2 [Mac – $29.99 & iOS] supports share extensions both on the Mac and iOS devices. Combine this with the multiple journals feature and you have an impressive professional journal along with an amazing personal journal. This video demonstrates how to take advantage of this feature.

On This Day

A look at the new On This Day feature in DayOne 2.0.  

Day One 2 Preview

Unfortunately, this isn’t an update. It’s a new app (iOS & Mac). It will be released February 4th with a 50% discount the first week. The original Day One app will continue to be supported. New features include multiple journals and multiple photos in a single journal entry. I look forward to tagging multiple entries at a […]

Journaling in a Digital World

Having even a transcription of an ancestor’s personal journal is a blessing to any family historian. It gives us a picture of the person and the world surrounding him that no amount of vital records can provide. Should we also have letters and photos along with the journal, ecstasy ensues. Considering how precious we find […]

Journaling in the 21st Century

Why is it that even as we move further and further away from paper, we still look at things as “paper bound”. Take the journal. What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of a journal? A leather-bound book and fountain pen? A sketchbook and pencil? Today’s journal is more likely […]