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Building Books In Day One

Day One’s export feature is available on both the Mac and iOS apps and makes it easy to build books from selected entries. Here’s a look at the export process on the iPad.

The Day One Scrapbook

Is Day One included in the Share menu on your Mac and iOS devices? It’s a great way to grab news items and other ephemera to add to your journal.

The Social Journal

Not only does Day One protect your private entries, it also makes it easy to share selected entries in a number of ways. Here’s how.

Updated: Capture Your World in Your Journal

When I hear someone rant about how email is destroying the personal letter or the disappearance of cursive handwriting in the digital age, I just smile. Thanks to technology – and particularly the app phone with its still/video camera – we’ll leave behind a rich view of our world and our place in it. I […]

Day One As Art Journal?

Absolutely! I have been having a lot of fun playing with the growing number of photo-manipulation apps available on the iPad and was looking for an easy way to keep track of the apps and settings that were used to create this effect or that look. Day One is a great solution. Using the iOS […]

Pencil, meet Paper

Paper by FiftyThree [iPad – $6.99 for all in-app purchased tools] is one of my favorite apps for the iPad. It is an art journal where you can draw, write, paint and create just about anything your imagination inspires. Those results can then be shared in a number of ways. I have created my own […]

The iPhone Traveler

We recently took a short trip to Louisiana. It included a bit of family history, a bit of world history and a lot of good food. My iPhone got quite a workout – as road atlas, restaurant guide (Evernote Food – free), camera and photo editor, museum guide (National World War II Museum Guide – free), […]

Day One – Have Your Journal and Publish It Too

I hope you’re as interested in capturing your current family history as you are in tracking down your ancestors. If so, Day One is an amazing app for doing just that. And, every time I think Day One can’t get any better . . . it does. This suite of Mac/iOS apps offers an easy […]

Document Your World In Your Journal

How many favorite places from your childhood no longer exist? Do you have any photos of those places? Can you remember where they were? I have a first-hand account of my great grandparent’s 50th anniversary celebration that is full of great information about who came, what food was served, and even the songs that were […]

Apps to Capture Your Christmas Stories

Check your phone to make sure you’ve got the apps you need to capture your family’s holiday fun. Here’s some suggestions.