Day One Gets Graphic

DayOne GraphicsThere’s nothing that says you can only include photos in your Day One journal app. The samples you see here were created using several different graphics apps and saved as photos. It doesn’t stop there. The latest updates to iOS devices also gives me the ability to draw and doodle in journal entries using my finger . And it also works great with my Jot Dash stylus ($20 at Amazon).

In this example, I added three graphics images to my Day One entry. Day One stacked them above the text I had already entered (not shown here). It doesn’t show well in this screenshot, but the graphics are quite readable on my iPad. I’m experimenting with the graphics elements to see if I can create an eye-catching collection of graphic stories then use Day One’s publishing feature to create family history books. Stay tuned . . .

Day One Premium

Have you noticed that a number of Mac/iOS apps are moving to a subscription service? There’s a reason for that. Many of these developers are individuals or small shops. Apple’s App Store rules require that an update is always free. The cost of creating new features cuts into their bottom line. Their only options are to forget updates and create a “new” app instead or to offer a subscription service.

Two of my favorite apps have gone to subscription. One is the Ulysses writing platform and the other is Day One. Day One recently announced a Day One Premium. People who are using the earlier versions of Day One can stay with it. Day One Basic will continue to receive maintenance updates but will be limited to one journal, one photo per entry and no cloud services.

Premium subscribers receive the following features:

  • unlimited journals
  • unlimited photo storage
  • up to 30 photos per journal entry
  • a 25% discount on book orders.

If you don’t already have it, premium subscribers can also get the Mac desktop app at no cost.

The Day One Premium subscription is $3.99/month or $34.99/year and is paid via an in-app purchase. If you bought Day One prior to this upgrade, you receive a lifetime discount of $2.99/month or $24.99/year also via in-app purchase.

An Android version of Day One is now available at Google Play.

Is it worth the price? It is to me. It has become an easy way to document my world for future generations and pass on what I know about our family’s past. The publishing feature is quite impressive and, since Markdown is the the technology used to save my entries, these stories will remain readable long after today’s technologies are forgotten.

Archival Quality Writing

How many digital copies of early society publications are no longer readable? And today’s documents?

Software developers are constantly improving the apps we use to manage our documents and publications. These advances have given us many useful tools to make our efforts easier. However, there is still one major area of concern – how to manage our digital document archives. As word processing applications have come and gone, we are often left with documents we can no longer view. How many of us…

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Day One Publish

Day One, the amazing journaling app for Mac and iOS, has just released an update for its iPhone app which includes the ability to publish entries to your personal web site located at In addition, you can also have your entry posted to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. You choose which entries you want to publish and the social networks, if any, where you also want them to appear.

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