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Build a Book on Your iPad

Book Creator [iPad – $4.99] lets you design and build gorgeous, fixed-layout ebooks full of photos, graphics, video, music and narration. The result will be an ebook in standards-compliant ePub format. This book can be viewed on any ePub reader. The view you see here is from my iPad using the iBooks reader. It automatically […]

The Genealogy “Room” at Internet Archive

Have you visited the genealogy page on Internet Archive? If you haven’t – or haven’t been there recently – you may want to stop by for a look. There are currently close to 40,000 digital publications ranging from family genealogies and local histories to parish registers and city directories.

An Introduction to Publishing with Smashwords

Thinking about publishing your family stories? Smashwords can help. Here’s an introduction to publishing using Smashwords.

The Portable Research Library

eReaders and tablets have become a must-have tool for genealogical research. We can now carry our genealogy databases with us to the research library, read while we sit in the waiting room and scan documents wherever we find them. They also give us the ability to keep a research library with us wherever we are. […]

Building a Digital Research Library

What do ebook readers (devices and apps) provide that makes them so useful to family research? First, every ebook is fully searchable. You can quickly find things that never show up in the index of a print book. You can load an ereader device with hundreds of books so you can carry an entire reference […]

Publishing Service: Smashwords

Smashwords provides a simple and straight-forward method to publish your ebook yourself. From formatting your manuscript for conversion to ebook format to marketing tips, Smashwords is there to help your succeed.

Publishing Tools – Legend Maker

While the formatting and layout of any book can be a long and tedious process, Legend Maker’s tags are easy to remember and use and the result is a hand-crafted book that reflects your efforts much better than any “meat grinder” process ever will.


Lulu.com offers the personal publisher a comprehensive collection of services ranging from layout and editing to sales and marketing. If you want a custom layout or unique design elements, this may be just the publishing platform for you.

Emailing Kindles

If Kindles and iThings are under your family’s Christmas tree, you are going to find it a whole lot easier to share your family history stories – and more – thanks to Kindle’s Personal Document Service. Find out how.

Tech Tips: The Digital Research Library

Have you incorporated digital books into your research effort? My latest article at Family Search’s Tech Tips blog tells you why you should – and where to find them.